Happy Summer from the Berkshires of Massachusetts! There is so much to love about this time of year, and as New Englanders, we often try to make the most of our warm and sunny days, fleeting as they may feel. I invite you this month, however, to embrace the art of a slow summer. 

You'll likley know the Danish word hygge, meaning a mood of coziness and contentment, that reached mainstream awareness in the US several years ago. While we might be inclined to associate all things hygge with winter, the Scandinavian art of slowing down, taking time to enjoy a soak in the bath, or lovingly preparing a meal with friends are all year-round opportunities. This month's Skincare Blühprint invites you to create a slow summer for yourself, regardless of where you are in the world! 

A slow summer may look like:

  • Take your morning routine outside: Whether it's your first cup of coffee for the day, an energizing yoga flow, a short mediation or journaling session, or a few minutes of reading, your morning routine will feel all the more energizing in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Trade summer reading with a friend: Read something fantastic lately? Once you've finished, why not trade your favorite summer novel with a friend for a small, but lovely, book club?
  • Unplug for the day: Imagine how being truly unplugged for a day might feel! Silence email, news, and social media notifications on your devices and do your best to be mindful and present to all things real life for a day.
  • Get more rest: If and when your schedule allows, get more rest. Sneak in a nap (bonus points if it's in a hammock!), sleep in, or hit the sheets early. 
Our June Skincare Blühprint features four products that are perfect for embracing a slower summer, and can easily incorporated into your current skincare ritual. 
  • Exfoliate and energize with our new Dry Brush. Our dry brush is hand crafted featuring beautiful beechwood, and its large oval shape and smooth wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. The firm bristles are sustainably sourced sisal fibers from the agave plant. The invigorating action of dry brushing is intended to encourage circulation, inspire lymph flow while exfoliating the skin for silky-smooth, radiant results. We love dry brushing before baths and showers as the perfect slow, soothing act of self-care. Beginning at your feet, start with short, gentle sweeping motions moving up your legs and continuing towards your torso, arms and shoulders, keeping movements in the direction of your heart. Gradually increase the pressure only if it feels comfortable.
  • After an unhurried bath or shower, soothe and nourish with our award-winning Active Relief Body Oil. This potent treatment oil integrates cell nourishing fatty acids, phytoceramides and powerful antioxidants with herbs used in plant medicine for centuries. Methodically formulated to boost hydration, improve skin tone and bring soothing relief to overworked muscles. Copaiba Oleoresin, Hinoki, Arnica and Holy Basil contain potent anti- inflammatory and fortifying properties that support the overall health of your skin. This luxurious body oil absorbs quickly, leaving your skin silky-smooth and deeply nourished.
  • Our duo of facial masks will provide the ultimate treat for your skin, perfect for taking your time. Plump and restore with our Vital Moisture Mask, drenching your skin with this innovative complex of powerhouse hydrators, nutrient dense fruit oils and replenishing bioactives. Hero ingredient, Queen Garnet Plum Cellular Extract is loaded with vitamin A, C and K with an unprecedented level of anthocyanins to deliver improved hydration and collagen production while reducing the effects of photo-aging and glycation. Snow Mushroom, Sea Kelp Bioferment, Resurrection Plant, Buriti and Buah Merah fruit oil penetrate the skin to restore vital moisture and essential vitamins - resulting in a plump, radiant, healthy looking complexion. 
  • Glow and refine with our Superfruit AHA + BHA Resurfacing Mask, a unique and synergistic blend of acids, enzymes, lipids and nourishing actives. Cellular extracts of Finger Lime Caviar, Silky Oil Grass, Pineapple and Papaya  combined  with Lychee, Salicylic Acid Liposome and barrier-protecting Vegetable Ceramides work effectively to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin while decongesting pores- delivering a smooth, vibrant, glowing complexion.
I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying a very happy and healthy (and slow!) summer!  As always, I am so grateful that you are part of this community.

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