BLÜH ALCHEMY’S mission is to set the benchmark for people inspired to elevate their daily skin care ritual with the cleanest, organic and scientifically advanced formulas, delivering luxurious, uncompromising results while promoting social and environmental stewardship.

Guided By Nature

We are guided by a philosophy that nature’s lush bounty provides the Blühprint to create superior skin care products. Our formulas work synergistically to nourish, regenerate and restore balance to your skin.

Our Formulas 

  • Are infused with the world’s first cellular extracted organic botanicals that allows the full power of the plant’s vital actives to be delivered directly to your skin
  • Contain methodically researched ingredients that include the most innovative and effective alternatives to the toxic chemicals found ubiquitously in the conventional skin care products.
  • Utilize a curated selection of globally sourced, powerhouse ingredients chosen for their clinically proven results.
  • Are handcrafted in small batches to maintain optimal quality and fresh vital energy.
  • Contain some of the highest concentrations of organic, bioactive ingredients on the market.