The Evolution of Something Simple and Pure

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I thought an introduction of sorts would be a natural starting point. Some of you have asked, and perhaps others have silently wondered about the origins of our brand name. And while my surname Blüh [Bloo] lends itself easily to awkward mispronunciations, I’ve grown to truly appreciate its meaning: to blossom, flourish and thrive. This embodies the heart of our brand, as well as my wish for our community. 

If you’re familiar with our story, you know that I journeyed into the world of skin care formulation after my daughter was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disease. The resulting treatment left her skin very dry and sensitive to the touch, and I was desperate for her to feel better. 

Becky Bluh Bluh Alchemy

I quickly became aware of just how many body care ingredients are disguised as safe options and the impact chemicals and environmental toxins can have on the body. I learned that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and in many cases, very little is known about their cause or how to effectively treat them. I knew that in my daughter’s fragile state, I had to keep the formulas simple and pure, utilizing the most gentle, healing herbs and nourishing oils to help soothe her tender skin.

My instinct was to go back to my roots. I began to craft simple soothing balms from nourishing oils infused with the healing herbs we grew in our garden. I grew up in a small hill town in Western Massachusetts and my father was an avid naturalist. He seasonally planted vibrant gardens overflowing with robust vegetables, healing herbs, and stunning flowers. As a young child, my father instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature and wild life; he often took my siblings and me on foraging adventures to gather all the wild food and herbs we could find.

Witnessing the transformative power of plants ignited a passion and an unstoppable drive in me to advance my skills as a cosmetic formulator and my understanding of the skin's physiology. I worked closely with some of the foremost natural chemists to develop a carefully edited line of skin care products that target the signs of pre-mature aging while protecting against environmental aggressors and oxidative stress.  That need to create something simple and pure for my daughter has evolved into BLÜH ALCHEMY Advanced Bioactive Solutions, formulated with potent Australian botanicals from the most cutting-edge cellular extraction process.  

Being able to share this process and evolution, as well as our award-winning, treatment focused products with you is an invaluable gift. I look forward to helping you Discover Your Skincare BLÜHPRINT and hope you will continue to check back here for future posts.  I’d love to learn more about you, too. Share a line or two in the comments!

With love + gratitude,

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