“Blüh Alchemy cuts zero corners and always goes the extra mile to craft impressive formulas that work. By using a cellular extraction process (groundbreaking technology introduced in Australia*), the brand brought us the genius and crazy-effective Multi C Serum with stable Vitamin C derived from wild-harvested Kakadu Plum”.  
– Bart Kaczanowicz @omgbart 

“The one thing every girl needs in her skincare routine? A GREAT vitamin c treatment to firm and brighten skin tone. The tricky thing about vitamin c is the minute it's mixed with a liquid, it starts to degrade - like buying a new car and driving it off the lot. That's why we tend to see several vitamin c powders - they remain potent and can be mixed at home for use.⠀BLÜH ALCHEMY’S Multi C is pushing the vitamin c envelope. It's formulated with the world’s first liquid stable (won't degrade) vitamin C from wild harvested Kakadu plum via cutting edge cellular extraction. AND it's one of my top 10 for 2019!” 
– Lisa Fennessy @thisorganicgirl

“New month = new @beautyheroes Discovery!  And this month is a good one! It features a brand that I fell in love with when I tried their products from a previous Discovery @bluh.alchemy’s products are super potent and efficacious. The Hero this month is their new Botanic-Retinol Cell Renewal Concentrate -The texture is like a gel-based serum; it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin without any stickiness or any residue left behind. The scent is of blue tansy is which I can never get enough of! After using this product for a couple of weeks, I’ve definitely noticed that my skin is more smooth and bouncy — it looks and feels more youthful overall. I’ve been using @bluh.alchemy’s Antioxidant Face Oil over it and have been loving the combination!"
– Yenny @ecochicbeauty

“I noticed a distinct softening within the first few days of using the Multi C Serum. Now at the tail end of two weeks, my skin is smoother than it’s ever been without the dedicated use of my favorite heavy-hitting masks."

"I literally woke up clutching at my skin, grabbing my cheeks in awe of their softness, rushing to a mirror to stare at my own reflection and repeatedly exclaiming “holy sh*t!” as I petted my own face.”
– The Snobby Llama

“This eye serum proved to be such a treat and is now what I’m using regularly as my eye moisturizer/treatment. Another pleasant surprise is the oil’s delicate scent of vanilla, an unlikely aroma in an treatment that adds an anti-inflammatory benefit and a heightened sense of luxury, two hallmarks of Blüh Alchemy”   
– Sarah James @whoorl        

“This is the Bentley of high-performance, botanical beauty, lovingly crafted by Becky Blüh” 
-The Covey Club

“I’m Effect & Usage - I used this morning and evening. Just one pump is enough for my face. And I still have more than half the bottle full so it goes a long way! It absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue. When melanin rich Indian skin like mine gets acne the pigmentation from it lasts years. When you swipe right you can see the pigmentation I had one of these marks. This is an old before picture. Right before staring this serum, this before pigmentation was about 30% lesser. From there I used the serum and the pigmentation is almost gone! I still have the pit/indentation from this particular acne but the serum took away most of the pigmentation! Yay. My skin has never been brighter. So you can see why I absolutely adore this serum. Is it expensive? Yes. Does it have any cheap ingredients? No. Does It work? An astounding Yes!”

– Vinnie @non_toxicgreen

“I’m so in love with the Botanical-Retinol!! I get even better results with it than my “traditional” retinol. My skin loves it! And the pump actually dispenses the PERFECT amount of product which is rare.” 
- @pats_girl1

“We think Becky Blüh is a genius, formulating a stable vitamin C (a multi-C at that) serum that delivers visible results” 
–Jeannie Jarnot @beautyheroes

“Botanic- Retinol- This is one skin transforming product!  It contains the beloved Bakuchiol. The only plant-derived retinol that has been proven to produce results!  I’m talking increase collagen, improve the skin’s elasticity and support skin’s firmness.  You could say it’s a one-two punch for giving skin it’s youthful glow back.  It does what you want conventional retinol to do but without the negative side effects.  Not only does it include the superstar Bakuchiol but also a ton of other active plant oils from carrot, fig, cacay and watermelon.  All rich with Vitamin A.  Plus, it doesn’t stop there.  This also hydrates your skin with lupine ceramides and lupine amino acids.  It’s basically your new BFF when it comes to effective skincare."
– Suzi Swope @gurlgonegreen

“I was so thrilled when I received the newest Beauty Heroes Discovery a few weeks ago and it contained a bio-retinol serum by none other than Bluh Alchemy. Now, if you are not familiar with the Multi-C Serum and the Toning Elixir by Bluh Alchemy, let me just say, WOW. The Beauty Heroes Discovery last year featuring these products sold out in record time. This brand is legit.” 
– Sarah James @whoorl

“I personally love that this is an active serum that also can be worn both day and night. It’s like FINALLY, there is a serum that does it all”
– Lisa Fennessy @thisorganicgirl

“Eye Oil Serum- I’ve been testing this eye oil serum out and LOVE!  I’m not big into creams for the under eye area for me personally because I tend to get milia if I use anything too heavy.  This is just the right amount of hydration but not too much.  It comes in a glass rollerball and you just apply it right onto the under eye area.  I love how it feels cooling with the rollerball.  The formula doesn’t feel to greasy.  It really seeps right into the eye area.  I use this in the morning and at night. I find in the morning it’s nice for a little de-puffing with the cooler rollerball.”
– Suzi Swope @gurlgonegreen

“Heaven in a bottle! I am a huge fan of facial mists and elixirs and this one far exceeds my expectations. It has the most unique, uplifting scent. Even my husband loves it. The pump sprays a very fine, even mist that absorbs quickly into my skin. Though it is a bit more expensive than the facial mist I most commonly use, I will be repurchasing this when I run out. The scent is just too luxurious to pass up and the performance is perfection. I am so happy to have discovered this brand!”
– Lauren H. 

“Big results. I postponed using this when it came in the Beauty Heroes box because I already had a vitamin C serum I was using. I didn't think anything would be better than the results I saw with the Drunk Elephant C-Firma. I was very wrong! I started using this about two weeks ago and within a few days I noticed that my skin looked brighter, fresher, firmer, more youthful.”
– Laura L.

“Great refreshing spray! Took me time to decide if I like this, but found myself reaching for this more than my tata Harper hydrating essence spray. I believe it’s because of it’s fine mist that comes out and absorbs fast and it truly feels refreshing. It has light citrus spray. Combining it with the vitamin C serum made my skin really glow. Price point is affordable. Will most likely purchase again when I run out. 🙌  ”
– Jessica R. 

 “My number one! I didn't know I needed a vitamin C serum until I tried this one. I love everything about it, the texture, scent, but most of all the result it had on my skin. It looks firmer, brighter, acne fades… It's a pricy item but totally worth the splurge.”
– yasmine d. 

“Absolute magic! My skin was completely transformed within mere days of using this product! I cannot believe the smoothness and improvement in the texture and tone I’ve experienced in such a short time. I am so thankful to have been introduced to this brand in the March Discovery Box, because I'm not sure I would've spent the money on an "unknown" product otherwise. Now that I know what its capable of, I will be repurchasing this serum every time I run out. I am in love! Can't wait to try the other products in the line too.”
– Lauren H.

“The whole Experience was pretty magical. Beautiful packaging, smells delicious and I love the consistency of the product. My skin fell in love right away.” 
– Jaime @mrjaimedooley