“After using Blüh Alchemy for just one week I saw an overall improvement in my skin, it was not only brighter but also more hydrated. As a practicing Esthetician, I’m eager to find safer, more natural products that will perform, Blüh Alchemy is all of this and more! My favorite product is the Multi C Serum!” 

Rosa N.

“I had to write you to say…Your multi C serum is a GAME CHANGER! I’ve used a lot of high end natural products before but NEVER have I experienced such rapid and significant results and it smells amazing! I feel blessed to have found your products, thank you.” 

Michelle B.


“I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of my products. My skin has never looked better! My skin is firmer, my pores have shrunken, and those tiny lines around my eyes are disappearing! And, the smell of the products is divine!! Thank you so much for creating this beautiful skincare system!!” 

Judi P.

“The Multi-C Serum is incredible. Definitely noticing results after just one week!” 

Ruth A.

“My husband loves how it smells when I wash my face”

Lily L.

“This morning I opened up my boxes one by one and began...Each bottle was its own unique sensory experience. My skin drank it all up and indeed feels nourished and protected! The results... oh my...it's been hours now and I just looked in the mirror and the word that sprang forth was luminous!" 

Sarah P.


“I am lying in bed glowing and feeling my nourished and polished skin, sigh with relief and gratitude ... and the aroma! I'm a beautiful delicate flower, my own spa! Thank you so much!” 

Amy P.


“Antioxidant Day Oil = liquid gold! So nourishing and it leaves my skin with a beautiful dewy finish.”

Deb P.


“Your exfoliating cleanser is FABULOUS! I love the grapefruit in it and love it as a mask too”.  

Lisa B.


“I really love how my skin feels when I use the Multi C serum. Active. Alive”

Anne D.


“The Multi C Serum is my new all-time favorite product!! I have never experienced such rapid results and the scent is pure heaven!”

Allyson M.


“I have a new vice, it’s called BLÜH ALCHEMY! Thank you for making the most effective and luxurious products ever!!” 

Paula S.


“I call your serums pure liquid gold, thanks you for transforming my skin!” 

Deb R.


“My eyes' best friend!



“I found BLÜH ALCHEMY at one of my favorite stores Modern Relics in SF.  I bought the sugar face scrub, toner and serum and I am hooked! I now can not live without these products. My skin feels so good and my complexion is aglow!  Thank you so much for making such a clean and beautiful product!  I look forward to more products to come. Your faithful follower”, 

Jennifer D. Santa Rosa CA.


“I use BLÜH ALCHEMY skin care exclusively. Not only do I see and feel immediate results, I can relax knowing the ingredients are safe, effective and botanically sourced.”

Sarah P.  Leverett MA.