Dry Brush


exfoliate + energize

Our dry brush is hand crafted featuring beautiful beechwood. It’s large oval shape and smooth wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. The firm bristles are sustainably sourced sisal fibers from the agave plant. The invigorating action of dry brushing is intended to encourage circulation, inspire lymph flow while exfoliating the skin for silky-smooth, radiant results.



BOOSTS circulation which helps nourish skin cells and diminish the appearance of cellulite.

ACTIVATES the Lymphatic System which can help remove toxins.

EXFOLIATES the skin for improved cell turnover and a smooth, firm skin tone.

Directions: Beginning at your feet, start with short, gentle sweeping motions moving up your legs and continuing towards your torso, arms and shoulders, keeping movements in the direction of your heart. Gradually increase the pressure only if it feels comfortable.


Not advised for those with very sensitive skin or eczema.  

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