Hi Elizabeth,

There's something about late August... it feels like a fresh start is just around the corner.  Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or caregiver to school aged children, you're a student yourself, or a lover of fresh school supplies (who isn't?), this time of year is ripe with potential.  Our August Skincare Blühprint is designed with a clean slate in mind, and features two beautiful cleansing products.

Be sure to scroll down for a special offer, just for our community!

Lean in to a clean slate this season:

  • Set new goals for a new season: Embrace the shift in seasons, or a new season in life by taking stock of your current goals and progress and setting new ones.  Focus on both small and measurable goals, and how you'd love to feel in the coming months.  
  • Do a clean sweep of your cleaners:  Household cleaning products are a great place to make swaps toward better for you and better for the Earth options.  Perhaps look into DIY recipes you can create at home.
  • Find new opportunities to engage in your community:  Is there a local teacher who needs help clearing their school supply wishlist? Or a nearby Free Little Library that could use a restock of gently loved books?  A volunteer opportunity you've been meaning to explore once the busy-ness of summer passed? This is a great time of year to deepen your community roots and find meaningful new ways to be neighborly.    

To help you embrace a clean start to a new season, our August Skincare Blühprint features our two cleansing products: 

  • Cleansing Oil: Our award-winning formula is crafted with a nourishing blend of organic oils and active botanicals that will melt away makeup and the daily build-up of impurities.  It is gentle, but deeply clarifying and will decongest pores while restoring your skin's natural balance.  Perfect for daily use, our Cleansing Oil will leave you with a clear, radiant complexion. 
  • Exfoliating Cleanser: Use our award-winning Exfoliating Cleanser 2-3 times a week for a noticeably brighter, smoother, and more supple complexion.  It is formulated with potent antioxidants, regenerative bioactives and essential fatty acids to activate cellular renewal, detoxification, and optimal skin tone.  

To show our appreciation, we're offering a complimentary full-sized Cleansing Oil (a $48 value) with every order of $150.00 or more, today through August 31.  Simply add our Cleansing Oil to your cart and enter the code BLUHPRINT8 at checkout!

I wish you all a very happy and healthy start to this next season.   As always, I am grateful you are part of this community.  

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