Are you feeling the heat where you are? With summer at its peak in New England, I certainly am!  This month's Skincare Blühprint is designed to help you stay cool, and make the most of this beautiful season. 

Stay cool with us:

  • Rethink product storage: The only thing better than a refreshing, rehydrating facial mist in this weather? One that has been chilled!  Consider storing your facial mists in your refrigerator and spritz throughout the day, adding a nice cooling benefit to this hydrating step of your skincare routine. Speaking of hydration...
  • Stay hydrated:  Always important, but especially in the heat!  Staying hydrated helps regulate your body temperature, and is also critical for sleep, mood, and immunity. 
  • Escape in a good book:  'Tis the season for a great beach read, and your local library likely has the AC dialed up. Here are a few recommendations from Book Riot. I'd love to hear what you are reading this summer!
  • Walk away from the oven: If there were ever a perfect time to abandon the oven... it's now.  Need some recipe inspiration? Here are 58 no-cook meals for summer's hottest nights.

To help you stay cool, our July Skincare Blühprint features two products: 

  • Toning Elixir: Keep our award-winning Toning Elixir in your refrigerator and spritz throughout the day to quench and revive dry summer skin.  Hibiscus and hyaluronic acid help lock in hydration to instantly plump, firm, and diminish the appearance of fine lines, leaving you with deeply hydrated, luminous skin.  
  • Eye Oil Serum: Enjoy the cooling sensation of our gentle roller ball, as you apply our award-winning Eye Oil Serum morning and evening.  Our innovative serum is packed with vital bioactives and nutrient dense organic seed oils proven effective in targeting and repairing the signs of aging, while soothing, depuffing, and hydrating.

I hope you are staying cool, and enjoying a good book this week.  As always, I am grateful you are part of this community.  

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