I could use a few extra days this month, but I'll settle for the one! Happy Leap Day! This month's Skincare Blühprint is appropriately all about taking that leap and building the confidence to take a chance on yourself. We are already two months into the year, but there is nothing magic about January 1st.  There is plenty of time for all that you want to accomplish.

Research shows that people with strong self-confidence are more likely to live longer, happier lives.  They may benefit from increased mental well-being, stronger immune systems, and are presumed to be more successful.  Sounds good, doesn't it? Of course, it's quite normal to not feel confident all the time. Fortunately, confidence can be built -- just like patience or flexibility -- with a little practice.

Build confidence with us:

  • Confidence and self-esteem are closely linked, so having a solid self-care practice is a key way to build confidence.  This may include practicing gratitude and mindfulness, engaging in joyful movement, prioritizing sleep and rest, speaking self affirmations (something as simple as I am confident would do the trick!), nourishing your mind and body, and reducing stress.
  • Cultivate confident relationships: Pay attention to how the people around you make you feel.  Nurture friendships that uplift and inspire, and don't be afraid to ask your most confident friend, neighbor, or colleague for their best tips.
  • Foster a growth mindset: Too often we are self-limited by the fear of mistakes, an all-or-nothing mentality, or a fixed mindset. Fostering a growth mindset allows us to embrace and learn from challenges, while being flexible and open to possibility.  This video, while intended for children, does a beautiful job illustrating the concept of a growth mindset.
  • Try something new or challenging: A great way to build confidence is to surprise ourselves.  We are often so much more capable and creative than we give ourselves credit for. 
Our February Skincare Blühprint features four products that can be incorporated into your self-care and confidence-building routine.   
  • Give yourself a nourishing and balanced start to the day with our award-winning Cleansing Oil. Our formula is crafted with a nourishing blend of organic oils and active botanicals that melt away makeup and the daily build-up of impurities. Gentle but deeply clarifying actives decongest pores while restoring your skin’s natural balance- resulting in a clear, radiant complexion.
  • Before showering, exfoliate and energize with our brand new Dry Brush. Our dry brush is hand crafted featuring beautiful beechwood. It’s large oval shape and smooth wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use. The firm bristles are sustainably sourced sisal fibers from the agave plant. The invigorating action of dry brushing is intended to encourage circulation, inspire lymph flow while exfoliating the skin for silky-smooth, radiant results.
  • Follow with our Phyto-Enzyme Body Polish in the bath or shower to revitalize your skin. This multi-tasking body polish is loaded with nutrient dense plant oils, butters and actives. Crimson red buriti oil is packed with beta-carotene and works to hydrate and protect the skin. Caffeine rich guarana, brightening kakadu plum and phyto-enzymes from pumpkin and papaya target cellulite, boost circulation, tone and tighten while buffing away dead skin cells- revealing velvety-smooth, deeply nourished skin. 
I hope a little additional self-care this Leap Day leads to boundless confidence! As always, I am so grateful that you are part of this community.

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