Our back-to-school days may feel like ancient history, but September still holds a special energy.  The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, and we're starting to shift into different routines after a lovely, albeit rainy, summer in New England. I've crafted this month's Skincare Blühprint to help us embrace the shift in seasons, leaving summer with gratitude and entering autumn with joy.

Embrace the shift with us:

  • Make a list: Take a few moments to reflect on this summer.  What were some of the highlights? Who did you love spending time with? Where did you find joy? A simple gratitude practice such as this is a lovely way to send off summer.
  • Treat yourself: Why should children have all the fun? Now that the rush on school supplies has passed, why not treat yourself to a fresh journal or even a fun box of crayons? 
  • Add something new to the calendar: Look ahead to community events and opportunities in your area such as foliage hikes, apple picking, fall festivals, and concerts and add something to your calendar today.  While there's little joy in over-scheduling, it's always nice to have something to look forward to!

Our September Skincare Blühprint features the three products that will support your skin as we transition to a new season.  While it's a bit of a myth that you need to re-work your skincare routine for every season, these three products are perfect for nourishing and repairing summer skin and setting you up for hydrated, happy fall skin.

  • Our award-winning Exfoliating Cleanser will give you that fresh start feeling that syncs perfectly with a new season.  Formulated with potent antioxidants, regenerative bioactives and essential fatty acids to activate cellular renewal, detoxification and optimal skin tone, our Exfoliating Cleanser is perfect for use 2-3 times a week. The result is a noticeably brighter, smoother, supple complexion.
  • Treat sun-soaked summer skin to the power of age defying peptides and the world’s highest known source of vitamin C from cellular extracted Kakadu plum. Our award-winning Multi C Serum absorbs quickly to plump, firm and brighten skin tone, resulting in the ultimate youth renewal for your skin. 
  • Boost your skin's natural reparative cycle and counteract daily oxidative stress with our award-winning Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion.  Chebula, an Ayurvedic powerhouse, works to inhibit glycation, neutralize free radicals while preserving collagen 1 & 2. Banksia, Shiitake and Manuka Honey cellular extracts help to strengthen the skin’s barrier, improve elasticity while reducing hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. 
I hope you and your loved ones had a beautiful summer, and are looking forward to happy and healthy fall! As always, I am so thankful you are part of this community.

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