Happy Earth Day-- the perfect time to share this month's Skincare Blühprint!

April's Skincare Blühprint was designed with a focus on discovering fresh ways to care for yourself and our planet.  Our community knows that the health and future of our environment requires constant care and commitment -- our stewardship of the Earth is more than just one day on the calendar.  And so it is with the care of ourselves -- I sincerely hope you are making caring for yourself a priority, regardless of the season or schedule.

There is such a natural and beautiful intersection with self-care and care for our planet and its people.  We endeavor to make it as easy as possible for you to choose products that make you feel good, but also do good.  Our use of fully recyclable packaging are just one layer of our commitment to you, and our environment. There is always an opportunity to do more, to go deeper

We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting organic and sustainable farms, and to buying from ethical sources that uphold fair trade practices and empower growers from indigenous communities around the world.  This month, I invite you to discover fresh ways to feel good, while doing good.

Here are a few you might consider:

  • Reconsider fast fashion: You may be making room in your wardrobe for spring and summer attire -- this is the perfect time to reconsider your usual shopping habits.  Local vintage, secondhand, and thrift shops are a tremendous resource for both refreshing your wardrobe with new-to-you items and accessories, and passing along what is no longer working for you... while diverting textiles from the landfill. [Curious about the term fast fashion? Click here to learn more.]
  • Join your local "buy nothing" group: Another lovely way to share your excess and fill in your gaps -- whether it's home goods, plants or pantry supplies, clothing, or books-- all while building a closer community. [Click here to learn more about the Buy Nothing Project + find a local group.]
  • Chat with friends about how their routines benefit our environment: An openness to learning from our family, friends, and neighbors is such a gift.  Perhaps you have a plant-forward recipe to share?  Or you're curious about your neighbor's compost bin?  Maybe you could take a family walk along a new trail this evening, cleaning up as you go?  The beauty of doing good is only amplified when we do it together.

To help you discover opportunities to care for yourself, your community, and your world with fresh eyes, our April Skincare Blühprint features: 

  • Eye Oil Serum:  Smooth and depuff with our award-winning, innovative serum packed with vital bioactives and nutrient dense organic seed oils proven effective in targeting and repairing the signs of aging skin.  Used morning and evening after cleansing and toning, you'll feel soothed and energized... and ready for a fresh outlook. 
  • Antioxidant Face Oil: Firm and repair your skin in the ultimate youth reboot.  Our Antioxidant Face Oil features a potent cocktail of essential fatty acids and protective antioxidants.  Your skin will feel plump, firm, and luminious -- a lovely way to start Earth Day and every day.  

I hope you will enjoy a peaceful and healthy Earth Day, and that you feel empowered to extend your commitment to caring for yourself and this planet in your daily practices and routines.  As always, I am so grateful you are part of this community.  

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