Is anyone else treating January like a dress rehearsal and starting the new year in earnest in February? I am so excited to share a new series with you in 2022: a monthly Skincare Blühprint that will help nourish you throughout the year

This month we're celebrating love, but maybe not in the way you'd expect.  I believe that prioritizing time to care for yourself is such a perfect expression of self love.  As a child, you likely followed (perhaps begrudgingly) a bedtime routine.  How has or could that routine evolve to better serve you these days?

Our skin (along with the rest of our bodies) shifts into repair mode as we sleep, working to counteract the stress and activity of the day.  I'd love to encourage you to treat yourself to truly restorative sleep as a beautiful expression of self care and self love

To craft or edit your personal bedtime routine, you might consider the following:

  • Limiting screen time within an hour or two of bedtime
  • Using scent as a mental cue that it's time to wind down (I swear by our Active Relief Body Oil for this!)
  • A new book you can look forward to picking up in the evening
  • Cozy socks, a heated blanket, or a hot water bottle -- anything that makes you feel enveloped in care

To support your restorative sleep, our February Skincare Blühprint features two products I love for nighttime (you'll find both linked below): 

  • Active Relief Body Oil: With the perfect warming and grounding scent for winding down, our Active Relief Body Oil can be used for gentle self massage or as a lovely addition to your evening bath
  • Noctural Repair Active Emulsion: Formulated specifically for nighttime use, Nocturnal Repair boosts the vital process of skin repair and supports your skin at its most receptive time.

One more thing: We have a special treat coming your way this month (hint: you'll want to be subscribed to This Organic Girl's email list, if you aren't already...).

In the meantime, I can't wait to hear how you're sleeping this month and wish you sweet dreams!

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